Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wind Chimes and Morning Glories and a St. Louis Workshop - Nancy Medina Art Videos and Classes

Wind Chimes and Morning Glories
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas
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I've been wanting to paint this scene for quite some time, it's a glimpse of my own back deck and garden. My morning glories are in full bloom right now, despite the lateness of the season. When friends and family come to visit, this is where we congregate on the porch swing, with a pug or three nearby just in case snacks happen. The hubby and I have been working on our flower gardens for over 14 years, and they are finally beginning to mature. We have a bit of a wild garden theme going, with lavender (also blooming!), oak leaf hydrangeas, lilies, impatiens, geraniums and pansies currently blooming. In the spring we have hydrangea and iris beds, and roses. I have three hummingbird feeders, hoping to start a new obsession and catch a few of these little ones before they migrate. If I succeed in attracting a few, I'll share photos with you, and probably paint some of those little winged jewels, too!

I'm super excited to return to my home town of St. Louis, Missouri, October 23-25 for a workshop. We'll be painting flowers and landscapes in bright colors at the Regional Arts Commission, a beautiful facility. I'll save a seat for you!

Painting Brilliant Colors in St. Louis, Missouri

October 23-25, 2015

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