Monday, July 27, 2015

Step by Step Peonies and Seven Days of Giveaways - Nancy Medina Art Classes and Videos

Peony Colored Glasses
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

In exactly seven days, I'll be heading back to France! With students joining me from Australia, Canada, and across the US, I predict there will be plenty of painting, shopping and eating. I can hardly wait for gelato and croissants and all the yummy dishes Chef will prepare. I'm not a bit concerned about weight gain, after all, the more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap! To celebrate, I'm giving away an original painting every day this week on my Facebook fan page. This is my biggest giveaway ever, and I want to send a painting to you, so be sure to enter to win!
This evening I'm working the late shift in the Flower Factory. The only staff member helping is AnnieBee, and since she is using my foot as her pillow while she dreams (and snores!), it looks like I will be sitting here for just a bit longer. I'll use that time wisely by sharing Peony Colored Glasses with you step by step ~ Enjoy! Click here for peonies created step by step.

AnnieBee and Mouse

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