Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shy Plums and Bulldog Puppies in the Classroom - Nancy Medina Art Classes and Workshops

Shy Plums and Pink Peonies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

I made an executive decision to leave the banana out of my class demo in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this morning. It was a tough call, but one of the plums kept rolling behind the vase out of the spotlight and I didn't want to spook the rest of the fruit herd and cause a stampede. It was one of those days when you knock things over and drop things and can't remember the recipe for green (yellow plus blue makes...hmmmm....). Fortunately, I had a class full of incredibly encouraging flower friends.

These talented gals whipped out peonies so quickly we finished up early today! I flower marched them out to the deck for the class photo before any of them could escape my lens. As a special bonus, we had a visit from Tootsie the English Bulldog puppy (here's her gratuitous puppy video you are welcome very much!), who interrupted our lesson for free kisses and snuggles. (Scroll down to behold her cuteness!)

Tomorrow we will paint French landscapes, which seems fitting, since the supplies for my France workshop will be shipped out next week. Stay tuned for more photos to come!

The offending banana makes an appearance...

Too Cute Tootsie!!!

Hot Springs, Arkansas, alumni and their brilliant peonies!

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