Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blog Talk Radio and Hydrangea Queens in New Orleans ~ Nancy Medina Art ~ Painting Classes and Workshops

Sugar Queen Hydrangeas ~ Class Demonstration
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

No sooner had I unpacked from my back to back workshops in Nashville and New Orleans, and it was time to prep for my Blog Talk Radio Show interview for Artists Helping Artists.

I'm so nervous! What if I forget my name? Worse yet, what if I forget the studio helpers' names?

Leslie Saeta and Margaret Sheldon, the hostesses, assure me it's just a chat between friends, nothing to be concerned about. Nevertheless, my motto is: It's best to be over prepared. I've glued post-it notes all over my computer and begun gargling with salt water. I've included essential information, too, like my name, blue and yellow makes green, all those little things that slip my 50-plus year old mind. I'm really hoping for one of those 10 minute delays, in case of pug-catastrophe. (Do you remember that time Howie decided to throw up in the middle of my DVD video shoot, and he did it loudly and with great enthusiasm?)

Just to calm your nerves, or rather my nerves, here are some photos from my most awesome trip to the Big Easy this weekend. I LOVE New Orleans, and had a fabby time, as my friend Rebecca has taught me to say. Next stop is the Dallas Arboretum - I'm saving a tulip with your name on it!

Hydrangea construction zone, hardhats required!

Sylvia's sparkling smile (and flowers!)

New Orleans Alumni, 2015 

The classroom models take a bow!

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