Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reading to My Mother the Poet - By Nancy Medina Art

Pink Halos Peonies -
Cover Art ~ Pandora's Box
by Nancy Medina

Tonight I read to my Mother from her own book of published poems. As I read, I glanced at her from time to time in her hospital bed. She lay with her eyes bright and alert. As I finished each poem she had written, I would meet her eyes briefly and she would meet mine, with a bit of a smile shared between us.

As I read to her, it occurred to me, my reading voice has the same inflection my Mother's voice had when she read to us as children. Because her hands can no longer grip properly, I held the book upright for her, showing her each poem and the painting I had chosen to go with it.

When I finished the last poem, the one she had written about her father, I said to Mom, "The end." She turned to me with a smile and said, "That was good."

And it was. It was very good.

Gentle Thoughts

Drifting, drifting
back in time,
poignant memories
brush my mind.

When we were young
and life was sweet
I danced with you
in sandled feet.

You were so tall
and I so low
I had to kiss you
on tiptoe.

My faithful friend
so strong, so true
I loved you but
you never knew

Elsie Leighton Becker

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