Friday, January 9, 2015

Dreams of Summer Hydrangeas and Painting Florida Flowers - Nancy Medina Art

Dreams of Summer Hydrangeas
by Nancy Medina

Class Demonstration

Oil on Linen Panel

We hit the flower jackpot in Florida yesterday, my hostess with the most-ess Ann drove me to a warehouse of fresh flowers as soon as I landed in the sunshine state yesterday. On top of that, she failed to restrain me in any way, shape, or fashion, as I tossed fresh peonies, hydrangeas, Japanese iris, daisies, delphiniums, and all sorts of other colorful plants onto our my shopping cart. Oh, and a few new vases, too, (because one can never have too many sparkley vases....).  Today we painted hydrangeas until the seagulls came home, and tomorrow we're going to warm up our pink brushs with some lovely roses and peonies. I do so appreciate my flower models. They don't fidget, they don't complain about the bright lights, they don't eat much and never, ever show up for a shoot after partying all night with bags under their eyes.  

I love Florida! I treated myself to a few nights at the Gaylord Palms this trip, and immediately became best friends with the fattest, happiest crowd of koi I have ever seen. I was just taking a few photos of these beautiful fishies and they came swimming over and all began smacking their lips at me begging for food, reminding me of a certain pack of pugs I happen to know... Speaking of food, as soon as class began this morning, Diane walked in carrying a box of chocolates for teacher. She is my favorite. Until someone brings a bigger box for teacher, Diane is forever going forward my favorite.

Finally, I leave you with a picture from poolside, yes, it's mean. I just can't help myself. Wherever you are, gaze at the gratuitous palm tree pool photo, put an extra log on the fire, and pile another fat pug on top of your covers, and you might begin to remember what warm feels like again... Stay tuned tomorrow for more class photos!

The classroom models take a bow!

Diane, my most
favorite-ist student ever!

These koi raced straight over and begged for food,
reminding me of some puggies I know!

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