Friday, October 24, 2014

Shocking Raw Footage and a New Video Double Feature on Pansies and Poppies - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

 Pansy Starlets
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

What REALLY goes on behind the scenes during a flower painting video? I'm sure this questions has kept you up many, many nights. Are there gaffs? grips? good looking stuntmen in plaid skirts for the Outlander Series hanging about with nothing to do but provide neckrubs for tired female artists? As much as I wish the latter were true, instead I spent a fun day with my favorite videographer and her hubby making the latest for you - a DOUBLE feature video, with two lessons, one on pansies and one on poppies. When it was time to take a photo of the studio models, however, the movie took on a rated PG for violence twist, as Trevor elected to snip the unpainted, neglected, forgotten yellow pansy out of the photo lest the students have questions. (SO, when are you going to paint the yellow pansy?? Was there some subconscious prejudice you had against the YELLOW pansy? Um, I see a yellow pansy there that you forgot, can you put that in for me?) 

Sometimes teaching flower painting is a tough business. You have to have a thick skin. You have to be prepared for those moments when you *brace yourself* RUN OUT OF CHOCOLATE HALFWAY THROUGH THE DEMO. Yes, dear ones, these gruesome moments do actually happen. Footnote with fine print: And Rockwall, Texas, class members who shall remain nameless, I will ALWAYS recall you (fondly, oh yes!) for helping me identify every thing that needed tweaking in my lily painting. And my daisy painting...and ....

Speaking quite seriously, however, being a full time artist and teacher gives one the ability to work with the most exceptional, creative, open hearted students and art admirers on earth. My videographer Michelle immediately rescued previously  mourned yellow pansy and put this little fellow to good use - and isn't she lovely wearing the yellow pansy! Here are some photos for you showing what REALLY happens behind the scenes. Notice the paper towel (THOU SHALT NOT CROSS) blockade barrier thingy ma bob, notice my lucky orange shoelaces, and if you really squint you might even be able to spot the chocolate on the table behind my palette. Chocolate, after all, does keep the world spinning. Oh wait, oopsie! I had actually eaten all the chocolate by the time that photo was taken. 

Stay tuned flower friends - a new DOUBLE FEATURE has been filmed for you - featuring a lesson on pansies, and another whole lessons on poppies. If we cross our fingers and click our heels together, maybe it will be ready in time for the holidays (because you deserve it! even you Rockwall ladies, yes you DO!)

Michelle absconds with one of the studio models!

 Raw footage of a flower photo shoot!

The studio models take a bow (and a dip!)

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