Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Testy Rendezvous in France - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

 Rendezvous Red Geraniums
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Archival Panel


Class Demonstration
We visited the most beautiful village in Southern France yesterday, St. Cirq le Popie, with rolling hills and endless tile-roofed vistas and tons of gourmet gelato shops. While the views and shopping were magnifique, there was one little fly in the ointment, an occurrence that showed that all was not perfect in this little bit of heaven on earth. I've shared the story with you here, in the photos below. Please know that none of the French kitties or pups were harmed or injured at all in any way shape or form in this true life dramatization. Bonjour flower friends, and tomorrow we travel to Cahors, another river valley medieval village. I will save a creme brulee gelato for you!

St. Cirq from above - heavenly!

Beauty on all sides in St Cirq!

Every byway and alleyway
contained treasures!

Ah mon cher, a new friend!

But I mean you no harm 
little feline friend! Come, let us
have an omelette and speak
of life on four feets in Le Popie!

Ah well, another day, another
time, farewell my sweet kitty!

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