Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Raspberries and Creme White Daisy - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina


 Raspberries and Creme White Daisy
by Nancy Medina

Class Demonstration
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

My new DVD

Raspberries and Creme White Daisy was painted to make a point. Push color to its limits. Put in something unexpected. Shake it up a little. Let your brush cut loose. Paint like no one is watching, no one is judging, and it's just you and your favorite friend in a room with tons of colorful paint, brushes, and canvases in stacks up to the ceiling. Paint like there is no critique session. Paint like there is no ribbon about to be awarded or gallery about to send you a letter with a Yes stamp or No stamp on it. Paint for you. Because in the end, it's really why you picked up that brush in the first place. To express something inside of you, that was uniquely, personally and beautifully - you.

The flower models watch with approval....

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