Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Love White Hydrangeas and How to Scare Away a Ghost - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

Painting one of my favorite flowers today in Alton, Illinois - New Love White Hydrangeas, 20X16, oil. Tomorrow we wrap up four days of making flowers bloom in brilliant color, I'll sure miss all these talented gals!

New Love White Hydrangeas
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Archival Panel

Class Demonstration

New Love White Hydrangeas was my class demonstration this morning in Alton, Illinois, and tomorrow we wrap up four days of making brilliant flowers bloom in this historic town where the Lincoln-Douglas debates were held, where the underground railroad had a big presence, and where Lewis and Clark made their historic journey. You simply can't find richer history in this region of the US, I wish I could stay another week just to explore!

If you've been following my bloggy this week, you may have gleaned by now that I am staying in a rather historic old home, one which is rumored to have at least one or two ghosts. The former owner confided that when he had dinner guests at the table one night, the woman at the head of the table became quite agitated. When he asked what was wrong, she indicated she had just seen a little girl come walking down the front staircase, which could only be seen from the chair at the head of the table, where she happened to be sitting. That story alone kept me awake all night until it occurred to me how I could chase off ghosty. I could use the AirWick automatic sprayer thingy, (you know one of those air freshener squirters that work on timers?). Since I had heard footsteps outside my bedroom door on the first evening I stayed here in Windswept, I placed the AirWick sprayer outside my bedroom door. Every 30 minutes, it spritzes the air with a spring fresh scent and, sure enough, no ghosty tromping or stomping last night outside my door at all! I am feeling so awfully smart about that, too. Feel free to try that on your own ghosts and be sure to report back, because we will all want to hear if it worked.

Painting in the beautiful Jacoby Arts Center in Alton, IL!

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