Saturday, April 5, 2014

Storm Horizon Pink Peonies and the Best Deal on Canvases - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

Storm Horizon Peonies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
 I finally got a good photo of my new painting, Storm Horizon Peonies. It's hard to photograph the large ones without good natural lighting. It's been a busy week here at the Medina Foster Home for Wayward Pugs. The new stair steps for pets arrived in the mail yesterday. Both the girls took to the steps pretty quickly, with a few treat incentives. The boys, however, were traumatized by the whole ordeal. I had to hold Howie in my lap this morning for half an hour to help him feel better. He is my sensitive baby boy. He doesn't like ANY changes to his routine or his house, and he especially hates when one of his siblings goes to the vet or groomer. He howls with happiness when they return home, talking to them and giving them a good sniff hello. He doesn't leave their side until he is quite sure they won't disappear on him again...

I went canvas shopping today, it's the best canvas sale of the year at Aaron Brothers here in North Texas, buy one get 2 free. This sale puts their buy one, get one for a penny sale - to shame! So I stocked up with about $400 worth! I put my Audible book on tape (Mr. Churchill's Secretary, an excellent mystery) on and gessoed canvases all day long today. Bliss!

Detail from Storm Horizon

The other half of my order was in the back seat!

Howie hiding from the new doggy steps....

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