Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Video of Signs of Spring Blue Irises and the Truth Behind What Goes on in Flower Mound Studio - Flower Paintings by Nancy Medina

Signs of Spring Blue Iris
by Nancy Medina
and Howard Pee Pugpants


Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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painting coming soon!


Signs of Spring is the newest iris painting among a collection of these growing in Flower Mound Studio this week, thanks to the explosion of color in my iris beds! I cut a few blues and brought them into the studio, placing them in a teal vase to inspire Signs of Spring. Little did I know, there was a hidden camera in the studio, which captured the truth about what goes on behind the brush. I hope this film doesn't go viral, it could spell absolute disaster for my reputation as an artist! All of these paintings, created by somepuggy with no thumbs?? To heap insult on top of injury, not three minutes after I posted this painting, it sold. I wonder if it was because the video. It was painted by an extremely good looking fellow, it appears, rather than his humble servant, moi. This mystery shall surely haunt me for minutes and minutes.....

The maestro reveals himself!

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