Saturday, March 1, 2014

SOLD ~ Necessary Pinkness, Daisies and Delphiniums Flower Painting Demonstration by Nancy Medina

 Necessary Pinkness, Daisies and Delphiniums

Demonstration Detail
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Necessary Pinkness was one of two demonstration paintings completed today in Flower Mound, Texas, thank you so much to all the friends who dropped by to say hello! It is always fun to produce a flower painting when you can walk over to an actual Flower Department a few feet away and replenish your fading models mid-painting! I had almost finished my first demo of the day, a hydrangea panorama, when it occurred to me some pink delphiniums sure would spice things up a bit. I just toodled on over to the flower department and there was a nice big bundle just waiting to be mine! Actually, it's probably a good thing I cannot just walk to a flower department any time I get the craving for a particular color combo. I would be penniless! Happy, but penniless!

Pinkness happening on the canvas!

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