Sunday, March 2, 2014

Love Abounds Hydrangea Flower Painting and Art Studio Necessities by Nancy Medina

Love Abounds Blue and White Hydrangeas
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Love Abounds Hydrangeas was my demonstration in Flower Mound, Texas, yesterday. Once I got this new painting home without smudging the interior of the Highlander, the next challenge was photographing it! Taking a picture of a long, long painting can be a bit tricky, but the hubby stepped in and gave me a helping hand.

The hot chocolate mocha studio supplies also helped get me through a wintry, cold day - the sleet and ice came down nonstop in North Texas. I had to replenish the pile o' whippy creme several times on my mocha, however. A gal has gotta do, what a gal has gotta do!

 Perched on a chair, precariously tilted, and ready for a photo op!

 Painting fresh flowers at the new Market Street in Flower Mound!

Essential studio supplies!

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