Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oasis Delphiniums and a Video of My Favorite Place to Paint at the Dallas Arboretum by Nancy Medina

Oasis Delphiniums and Cherry Blossoms
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Archival Panel
My favorite place to paint at the Dallas Arboretum is near the delphinium beds just to the right as you enter the gardens, close to the stone bridge. The delphs grow in thick clusters of fuschia, pale purples and deep cobalt blues, swaying in the breeze on four foot tall stalks. The hubby and I rent one of the red wagons at the concierge desk and load up all my painting goodies and easel accoutrements, along with a picnic lunch, and head to this spot. Carlos settles in under the trees with his earbuds, napping, and I face out toward the lake.

You Are Invited ~ Join me at Artscape

at the Dallas Arboretum,  April 2014!

One of the main thoroughfares is nearby, and I'm always treated to visions of brides and their girlfriends heading to photo ops, the brides looking excited and relaxed, their friends in flip flops and shorts. Children dash about in bright clothes with their parents pushing strollers. On weekends a pianist plays classical music in the garden, and you can hear the notes wafting through the trees. At some point, it becomes necessary to make an ice cream run down to the little kiosk near the cafe.

It's a beautiful way to spend the day. I hope to see you there. If you see the lady in the black apron with green paint on her nose, be sure to say Howdy, that's me! Here are some images of a perfect day at the Arboretum - enjoy!

Hey, where did I put my hat?!

 A nap in the garden, then an ice cream run later!

Brides, brides everywhere, even in the flowers...!

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