Monday, February 17, 2014

New Sunflowers and the Story of a Twilight Simpatico by Nancy Medina

 Coffee, Tea, Biscotti and Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Coffee, Tea, Biscotti and Sunflowers is the newest daily work in Flower Mound Studio. Today is the 20th anniversary of my father's passing. He committed suicide shortly after my 30th birthday. This morning, I woke up feeling tired, and not well. It's funny how your body physically reacts to the memory of loss, along with the mind, on anniversaries like this.

I believe in life there are no accidents, and that there is an undercurrent that connects us all, especially those of us who share this art journey. We all have stories of loss and sadness, as well as joys, when we take the time to hear one another.

My father was a bit of a closet philosopher and a dreamer, always preparing for the worst and wishing for the best. He spent most evenings after work, and after farm chores, tinkering in his shop, repairing and creating things. He dreamed of building an ultralight airplane and flying it to work in Dallas, from the family farm in East Texas where we lived. About once a week at sunset, an ultralight airplane would fly over the middle five acres. Dad would walk out into the field and stretch his arms out wide, pretending to fly while the plane soared high above him. The pilot would tip his wings, saluting the little man on the ground below.

Last year, my sister Julie married a wonderful man named Gary, the type of guy we had always hoped she would meet. Gary's brother passed away a few months ago and, at the funeral, my sister learned that his uncle was the man who used to fly that tiny plane over our farm and share a twilight simpatico with my father. A few weeks after my Father died, I was walking in the field and saw the tiny plane fly over. I stretched out my arms and I flew.

The sunflowers at rest

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