Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SOLD ~ Kiss Me Daisies Flower Painting and How to Loosen Up Your Florals by Nancy Medina


Kiss Me Daisies
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Kiss Me Daisies was painted on my birthday today, I still have bundles of bundles of beautiful fresh daisies adding cheer to my studio. They really needed to be painted again! I love daisies, they are the perfect flower for expressing loose impressionism. When I first began painting, I was trained, as most of us are, to paint very tightly, very realistically. I'm so glad I ran across an article that said to BE SURE to save all your first paintings so you would have them as guideposts someday, years in the future, to mark your progress and the changes in your style. I was not enjoying the tight painting approach as much, the super realistic depiction of vase and flowers and dark Carvaggio-esque backgrounds. How did I break out of that rigid structural approach? I put away the brushes and went to palette knife for two years. I eventually returned to the brush with a much faster painting style, with much larger brush strokes, and a great deal less fear. I still use palette knife from time to time, often at the end of a painting to add texture and fatness (I love fatness on a canvas, don't you?)! 

For my birthday today, the hubby brought home the perfect present. He went shopping for chocolate, but found a gourmet tea shop, Teavana. I'm a huge tea drinker, so this could the start of a dangerously expensive new addiction. Oh well, let's just enjoy this little indulgence while we can, what say you? Cheers!


The shy models are hiding behind the canvas....

The perfect birthday gift from Teavana - Yum!

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