Monday, February 3, 2014

SOLD ~ Earth Child Sunflowers and Ripples Across the Pond by Nancy Medina

Earth Child Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina


Class Demonstration
Oil on Archival Panel

Earth Child Sunflowers was one of my class demonstrations in North Texas recently, created quickly with my 3/4 inch flat $1.50 brush, the one brush I use for almost every painting in Flower Mound Studio. How I love these brushes! I received a note this morning from a lady who lives in a village near Leeds, in the United Kingdom, just north of London. She had just acquired Sleepy Head Daisies, the painting I shared with you yesterday. She was kind enough to share a picture of her beautiful region when I asked (I am ALWAYS wanting pictures of the English countryside!) and the breathtaking skyline of Whitby, quaint orange buildings along a riverfront with the ruins of a gothic abbey along a clifftop in the distance, once featured in Bram Stoker's Dracula! I'm sorry I can't share it with you, it is a beautiful panoramic photo taken by a professional photographer there, so I would need permission to do so. I have sent a request and will definitely share it with you here on my art blog if I receive permission.

Best of all, how delightful to learn that this is not far from where I have been invited to conduct a flower painting workshop in Spring 2015! It's a small world. I really think there are energies, good energies, and ripples that connect us all, and every now and then we wake up and realize how close we really are to one another, despite miles traveled, despite distance, and despite time.

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