Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Color Jungle Cottage ~ Flower Painting and a Cottage Garden Tour by Nancy Medina

Color Jungle Cottage Garden - Detail
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Color Jungle Cottage Garden is under construction in Flower Mound Studio tonight, based on the beautiful cottages of Coronado Island in Southern California. I'm super excited to be taking my students on a tour of these gardens during my flower painting workshop in San Diego, August 1-3. The flowers will be in bloom and we'll have plenty of opportunities to fill up the memory cards on our digital cameras and astound our husbands by how quickly we can subsume every millibite-thingy-ma-bob of space on our cell phone cameras, while we're at it! I've reached that awkward point where I have to make everyone posing for a photo "hang on a sec" while I delete 10 items in order to have space to take one more photo. Am I the only one in this predicament? Are there support groups for people like me? 

This will not deter me from filling up a few more billy-bytes of space on my camera in August when we tour my favorite picket fence flower gardens each afternoon after class. I'll be taking my students on a tour of my top 10 favorites. Let's paint flowers and wiggle our toes in the sand together in sunny California!

Painting Brilliant Florals in San Diego

August 1-3, 2014

9 am to 4 pm
Balboa Park
San Diego, California

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