Monday, January 13, 2014

The Power of Love in White, Teal and Pink Lace, a New Fancy Dress Painting by Nancy Medina

The Power of Love
in White, Teal and Pink Lace
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas

A number of elemental forces converged for the creation of The Power of Love in White, Teal and Pink Lace in Flower Mound Studio today: The fresh peonies had one last gasp, the big ole canvas was prepped and ready for something joyful to appear, and my new 29 dress collection was crying aloud for another member to join the growing ranks of frills and fluff! I'm working on my January art newsletter, too, and getting ready to pick a grand prize winner (yes, you will win the full day private lesson in Flower Mound Studio, keep thinking positive!). I confess that the pictures from the Golden Globes did have some influence on the decision to paint another dress, maybe it's just me, but I think the gowns were more elegant, overall, this year than I have seen in a very long time, what did you think?

In the meantime I was distracted by a new collage program, and getting uber cute photos of the pug helpers, including a gratuitous one of the lovely Hannah Banana lounging with her heater buddy. Once you've had time to admire her loveliness in the photo below, let me know if you can spot the drumstick in this picture!

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This is painting number 14 in the 
30 paintings in 30 days challenge
by the talented Leslie Saeta!

 If she steps outside today, she will need a jacket!

Mainly, I just lounge around looking fabulous, says Hannah....

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