Saturday, January 4, 2014

Red Flamenco Dress Painting by Nancy Medina

 Red Flamenco Dress
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Red Flamenco Dress is the newest addition to the growing wardrobe of dresses, ballgowns, and party frocks in Flower Mound Studio. I've been perusing all my new fashion sketch books and vintage clothing catalogs lately, looking for inspiration, when lo and behold, I realized I have several ballgowns in my very own closet! I pulled out a floor length black satin, a bedazzled knee length straight-line number, and even some hand embroidered golden little short thing I have never even worn once! My next goal is to purchase some fancier hangers for these models, they really do deserve something better than upscale clear plastic hangers, don't you think?

Red Flamenco is another
entry for the 30 paintings
in 30 days challenge by
the talented Leslie Saeta!

 Running out of wallspace for my new wardrobe!

Detail from the ruffly skirt

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