Saturday, December 21, 2013

SOLD ~ Pink Sorbet Peonies and an English Countryside Workshop by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Pink Sorbet Peonies 
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Archival Panel

The fresh peonies I acquired during my first trip to the grand opening of Market Street (*sound of harps!*) in Flower Mound are holding their own against adverse studio conditions, including two nights of intense glare by my LowelTota spotlight. Will they last one more? Stay tuned! I'm very excited about an invitation I've received to teach in the English countryside by a lovely group of artists there. We are looking at spring dates and travel calendars and supply considerations and all those little nuts and bolts that go into making a flower painting workshop go smoothly. 

This would be only my second trip to England, I had the great good fortunate to go to school there for a semester during my last year at university. While I loved the excitement of London, and the immense history there (I was at King's College on King's Road), it was the English countryside that won my heart. I could not believe how beautiful it was, with rolling hills and little villages with thatched roof cottages. Our guides advised that some of these thatched roofs housed an ample supply of critters that would occasionally drop onto your dinner table, but having not seen this with my own eyes, I wonder if they were embellishing for the yanks.... Have you been to visit the UK? I would love to hear about your visit there, if so. I love everything British, most especially a good mystery or fictional novel in a UK setting. I'll keep you posted as soon as all the arrangements get squared away and rest assured, I'll document my trip for you right here on the bloggy!


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh Nancy! How wonderful a trip that will be!! I am of English descent (Lancaster on mom's side, Kent on dad's) and I've been on a plane layover there so didn't get to see too much. I've always heard that the critters are in those thatched roofs but couldn't say that they might drop on the dinner table. I suppose it sounds a possibility! Love the new banner as it allows me to see your brush strokes and I was surprised to see how almost ethereal some of your background strokes appear. As I always say, the painting is beautiful and wouldn't it look grand in an English sitting room?

Unknown said...

Sherry that is so interesting! I hope someday you get to visit, it's really such a beautiful area. My mother's side of the family is British, I'm told we also herald back to the traitor Cornwallis! Then again, it could all be just lore... Sending many holiday hugs to you! Stay warm! xo