Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pink Peony Solo and a Gift for You by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Pink Peony Solo by Nancy Medina


Oil on Archival Panel

I've been brainstorming ideas, ways I can say thank you, for all the beautiful memories of 2013. I've been trying to decide how to tell you I appreciate everything you have taught me about art this year. I paint with more joy and enthusiasm because of you, than at any other time. Why is this? Because you inspire me. Your energy, enthusiasm, and excitement are the most precious and unexpected benefit of this new job of mine as a full-time artist and teacher. I have seen friendships, laughter, tears, and bonds form between you in just a few days of painting together in my classes. I've seen a reaction of amazement when you have realized, yes, you are indeed an INCREDIBLE artist. And your own message, your own style, has just been waiting to be given expression and freedom. What you give back to this world, as an artist, will have a ripple effect in the lives of everyone you touch. I am convinced, absolutely, you have already sensed this. Because.

You are amazing ~ You are an artist!
As my thanks, I've decided to give away a private lesson to one special individual. What does this mean? One of you will receive a full day's lesson, with me in my studio in North Texas. We will paint your favorite subject. We will talk about your strengths and we will pinpoint any areas where you'd like to improve. How do you enter? Simply leave a comment on this post. Let me know what inspires you. Let me know if a workshop you took from me helped you. I will announce the winner in my next newsletter (you can sign up here). I'm so very excited I can hardly wait to announce who will receive a full day of private lessons!   
Thank you for making a choice in your life to celebrate beauty.
Stay true to your vision, your style and your path. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones, and may you have a beautiful New Year!


Autumn Leaves said...

What a great gift this is, Nancy. Love the solo pink peony too. The best part of this gift is getting to meet the crew...Howie, Annie, Java, Hannah...the best studio assistants ever!!! Hope your Christmas was as precious as my own.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry! Merry Christmas to you from the pugs and I in Flower Mound! :)

Marie's Art said...

Dear Nancy I have been following you for a very long time and wishing to join one of your workshops to see how you perform your magic with florals. It would be such a privilege to study with you personally. All the best from an admirer....