Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SOLD ~ Little Blue Bluebird and a January Flower Painting Workshop by Nancy Medina

Little Blue Bluebird
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Archival Panel

Little Blue Bluebird is inspired by the bluebirds from my Mother's feeder in East Texas. I just returned from a visit over the river and through the woods to the farm, to see Mom, and an added bonus is seeing all the winged visitors. As soon as I arrive, I fill the feeders and replenish the woodpeckers with homemade suet. This trip I had the treat of seeing a red bellied (larger) woodpecker, among the other varieties. Lots of cardinals, too, and big funny crows cawing and diving in for the big treats. I don't mind the crows so much, I've heard they keep the hawks away! I'm already preparing for my first workshop of 2014. Put a little joy in your brush and join me for 3 days of making flowers bloom in brilliant color! Read more...


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh I do love the birds too. So glad they got to feast while you were at your mom's. How is she doing, Nancy? I hope well...

Bernadette Morris said...

Wish we had bluebirds here ... I'll have to settle for the chickadees, junco and sparrows I'm feeding. They are so cute and hungry with all the snow we've received. I clicked on this one to buy - :D As for the crows - I love them. My daughter's new husband had one as a pet when he was a kid - ha, so did I. I've heard that seeing many crows around your property is a sign of good energy. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry! She is in good spirits, though she is weaker as time goes by. Holiday hugs from me and the pugs!

Thank you Bernadette! I love the crows too, I can see the gears turning in their little heads when I am outside, they are so smart!