Sunday, December 15, 2013

Daisy Tulip Poppy Jubilee by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Daisy Tulip Poppy Jubilee
by Nancy Medina

Class Demonstration

Oil on Archival Panel

We painted poppies and daisies on the final day of my North Texas workshop. With buckets and buckets of flowers to choose from, I grabbed the best from the lot, even the tulips held out for four days - so this bouquet was a bit of a fruit salad of bright color, with lots of reds to ring in the holiday season. Tomorrow morning I'll be at the UPS store when they open to send four new paintings to new homes, since my shippers have assured me the lines will be out the door! Perhaps I should head over now and set up a tent with a little footheater to be first in line...


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh the red vase is so very festive! I love the little jots of blue too.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry! We were in the mood for some holiday color! :) Howie sends all his love...