Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lily Song Stargazers by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Lily Song Stargazers, 20X16, oil, my class demonstration this morning, tomorrow, we paint hydrangeas!

Lily Song Stargazers
by Nancy Medina

Class Demonstration
Oil on Archival Panel

Lily Song Stargazers was my class demonstration this morning, starring my new green bowl - the original green bowl, which had appeared in dozens of my older paintings, met a sad demise at the Dallas Arboretum in class one day, when I scooted a table over and it fell to the floor. I like to think these flowers are all saying Ooooo! and Ahhhh! as they gaze at the green bowl, but then my mind does tend to run to silly things like that....


Autumn Leaves said...

How stunning, Nancy!! Wouldn't this be a beautiful piece hanging in a breakfast nook? I could imagine myself at the breakfast table with this gorgeous vase and flowers. If I was a rich lady, I mean! So elegant!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Sherry, In a big ole gold frame, I think it would! :)