Thursday, October 10, 2013

Purple Pirouette Larkspur by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Purple Pirouette Larkspur
by Nancy Medina
Palette Knife/Oil on Archival Panel

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Purple Pirouette Larkspur was one of my afternoon paint-along lessons for my Rockwall, Texas workshop last week. Every time I see "stock" flowers in the grocer, I grab up bundles and run to the checkout cheering. The color is so intense, so rewarding, and these flowers are so simple in their beauty. It's like finding the perfect designer dress on the 1/2 off rack at Nordstrom's the day before your 20th class reunion. Okay make that your 30th class reunion, and shoes to match! I confess purples push all my buttons, but most of all this lesson for my students was about color temperature. Warm purples and cool purples, next to one another, give a burst of color that is simply gratifying. Color in all its glory, and that's why I pick up the paint brush every day, it's all about the joy of color!

My Dallas Arboretum class on November 9 is almost full, just 2 seats left, so I hope you can join me there. The fall pumpkin display, the colorful mums, and the beautiful flower gardens are worth the trip!

My students - making color happen with confidence!

Larkspur make a great backdrop for any bouquet!


Autumn Leaves said...

They really are beautiful flowers, Nancy. I can see why you like them so!


Your colors are totally pure...straight out of the tube. I love them.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry! They are carefree! :)

Unknown said...

Carol I appreciate that, pure color works well on a transparent base!