Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8 ~ Aspen Lane Red Poppies and the 30 in 30 Challenge by Floral Artist Nancy Medin

Aspen Lane Red Poppies
Oil on Archival Panel

Aspen Lane Red Poppies is painting number eight in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge sponsored by the talented Leslie Saeta! I'm already sweating bullets, wondering how I'll manage to get a painting done tomorrow, since I have an art club meeting tomorrow night and an art donation delivery tomorrow during the day. Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll just have to have an extra donut to fuel me through.... In the meantime, a four-foot aspen commission is beginning to take shape in the studio. Here's the upper quadrant. When you've got a painting this big, do you start at the bottom or the top? I really had to give that some thought!

A Big Ole Aspen Commission in Progress!


Autumn Leaves said...

Ooh, how wonderful this piece is! I see no yellow brick road but found my mind going right down that idea.

Unknown said...

LOL! Funny Sherry!!! :)

Unknown said...

A donut?! What? :-)

Here I am on the 30 day challenge doing small works and there YOU are in the 30 day challenge doing 4' paintings! Holy Moly! You are amazing!

Lovely painting!

Unknown said...

LOL Jim! I have an obsessive compulsive painting condition, and should probably be taking medication for it... :)

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! So a donut is your secret? I must start eating more donuts (any excuse!)

Unknown said...

Sugar and caffeine are my secret weapon Sue, that and never sitting down! :)