Thursday, August 8, 2013

SOLD ~ Simple Moments White and Blue Hydrangeas by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Simple Moments 
White & Blue Hydrangeas
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Archival Panel

I've been spending a couple of nights each week with my Mom, who is in Hospice care. I try to bring foods to tempt her appetite, and today I brought gumbo and rice from Rockfish, one of my favorite restaurants. Carlos, my hubby, usually makes something for her each weekend for me to take to the farm, like barbecue ribs or smoked sausage, since he and Mom share a love for spicy foods. Each night Mom and I watch baseball, then we property shop via House Hunters International, or watch another of her favorite shows on Tivo. My Mother, who does all the crosswords and whose shelves are filled with literary textbooks and poetry anthologies, happens to really like the show, Pretty Little Liars. It's funny how you can become fond of something just because someone you love likes it. My Mother's life has become focused on simple things, eating, sleeping, taking her pills, and the days she is scheduled for a visit from the nurse's aid for her shower. It's these simple moments, and quiet routines, I cherish, and most of all this time with her. 

Back home in Flower Mound Studio, it's been a busy week! I've finally finished the redesign on my art blog, and my August newsletter mailed today. I always include my newest paintings and important pug photos in each issue. This month I shared the haunted house story from my workshop in St. Louis. Click here to get the whole spooky story and read my August updates!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Now this is a long cool drink of water! My favorite flowers and favorite palette all in one!

Nancy Medina said...

Thanks so much Sherry!

Debra Baars said...

Your new blog style looks awesome! Love the delicate font; just right with all the florals. Great job!

Nancy Medina said...

Thanks Debra! :) I had a great helper!