Monday, July 1, 2013

SOLD ~ Step by Step Sunflower Painting ~ Winters End by Floral Artist Nancy Medina

Winters End Sunflower
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

I could give you my entire philosophy on sunflower painting. I've painted enough of  these warm, messy, unbridled blossoms to do them blindfolded. However, that is the trap we often fall into, painting what we think we know, instead of painting the flower model right in front of you. Every flower is different, and every lighting situation is different. See the flower that is before you at the present, rather than the rote memory of a flower you think you already know. Here are a few steps below for you in my creation of Winter's End Sunflower. Enjoy!

Step 1
An intricate, painstakingly
detailed drawing.

Step 2 - 
An underpainting is just
an underpainting, not the end result.
Life is short, don't get
bogged down with the details.

Step 3
Look for the light! That is
all you need. All else is 

Step 4
Have fun with the color.
Why else are we doing this?

Step 5
Respect Mother Nature
Embrace her flaws and imperfections.


Joan Princing Art said...

Thank you, thank you for the Step by step! It is late right now, however, I am going to try this tomorrow!

Can't wait.

Have a Wonderful Week!


Autumn Leaves said...

That is the beautiful thing about painting flowers; they are so forgiving because each one is unique. Your painting is also a beautiful thing!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Benny & Lily