Monday, July 15, 2013

Gateway Red Geraniums by Nancy Medina

Gateway Red Geraniums
by Nancy Medina 
Oil on Archival Panel

Geraniums were the first flowers we painted in St. Louis, Missouri, last weekend, and one of seven demonstrations I completed for my 18 students. I painted crepe myrtles, rose of sharon, sunflowers, geraniums, white hydrangeas, blue hydrangeas, and delphiniums. Painting in a city as old as St. Louis (founded in the 1700s!) was such a treat, everywhere we turned there were historical buildings and sites, and places I would have loved to spend a lot more time exploring. I'll be sharing more photos of the workshop and the beautiful paintings created by my students in the next few days so stay tuned!

Sharon and her beautiful sunflowers!

Tim making hydrangeas bloom!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Such a gorgeous profusion of reds! Your students always do such beautiful work too.

Marie Theron said...

And so they all had a colour filled morning! Lovely work as always,Nancy!