Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dare to Dream Red Poppy - Collage Floral by Nancy Medina

Dare to Dream Poppy 
Textured Collage on Deep Gallery Wrap Canvas
I thought I'd dare to try something new today ~ collage, and a bran new obsession!

Dare to Dream Red Poppy was created today during a delightful workshop with master multimedia artist and collage teacher Nancy Standlee at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Nancy's collage works are a feast of color and texture. While fellow students and I spent the day giggling at her travel stories and anecdotes, we were all in awe of how quickly she placed an intricate design rich with letters, phrases, and designs onto her demo.

Nancy makes collage look so very easy, but it is clear her intuition and skill are a result of a passion for color and texture, and years of dedication and practice. I cannot wait to incorporate more of these techniques into my future works. There is nothing more delicious than color and texture all in one, so rich you want to eat it with a spoon! Keep your eyes peeled right here on my art blog for more texture to come.

My flower model
from Unfurled Poppies,
my past painting

Nancy creating a new masterpiece today!
The art continues around the edges!

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