Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SOLD ~ Water and Air Roses and Hydrangeas and Gifts From Muses by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Water and Air Roses and Hydrangeas
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Today I received a note from a friend suggesting a combination of yellow and pink roses and blue and purple hydrangeas. It's so good to receive nudges from the muses. I've spent the past few visits with my Mother going through her stacks of books, collecting bits of poetry and snippets from literature textbooks. She has collected literature and poetry textbooks from library sales and bookstores for as long as I can remember and now has shelves filled with these tomes. Before I left her house last week she gave me a tiny book of flower quotes and poetry to carry in my purse, after reciting some of her own poetry from memory (we still have not been able to find her own binder of poetry which disappeared years ago during a house remodel). 

It occurred to me today how important the muses in my life have been. Light, air, poetry, flowers, all of these gifts have been muses that fueled my love of art; my mother and her stubborn desire for us to grow in a love for language and words; and that last ingredient, a passion for teaching color, art and painting. I may not have found my dream job in my 20s, but the important thing is I did, at last, find what I was meant to do - share my love for art with others, and help my students to succeed. There is nothing sweeter and no greater gift than to find your path, no matter if you find it late, so long as you find it, at last.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Another stunner and I do like the flower combination, Nancy. I can only wish that my daughters will think of me as you do your mom. I fear the mistakes I've made have over ridden their good memories though. A heartbreaker for me as I tried so very hard to be a really good mom.