Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pink Roses and Perks of Painting at the Dallas Arboretum by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Pink on Blue Roses
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Archival Panel

Pink on Blue Roses is the newest daily painting in Flower Mound Studio. Painting outdoors at the Dallas Arboretum is one of the perks of my new job as a full time artist. No more soul scorching fluorescent lighting, just pure sunshine and breezes. On weekends, you can hear the sound of classical piano music wafting through the delphiniums and watch the brides and their photographers on their way to the perfect Kodak moment. Painting in the Arboretum gardens is just about perfect, especially if you rent one of the big red wagons at the help desk to haul all your important accoutrements (a picnic basket of fried chicken and iced down peach tea). Even better when the hubby comes along and sets up your EasyL easel and makes a critical ice cream bar run around 2 pm. I love when the children come up and ask questions about the painting, many answering in the affirmative when I ask, "Are you an artist?" I've never had one answer with uncertainty. They are either very certainly an artist, or very certainly not an artist. If the parent allows, I always offer the child my brush and invite them to contribute to the work in progress. This small gesture provides a return on investment equal to about a million smiles of pure childlike joy and wonderment. Have I mentioned recently how much I love my new job?

Just another day at the office!


Autumn Leaves said...

Ah Nancy. To be able to have a job like yours! I love this vase; most exquisite for the pink flowers to shine!

Unknown said...

Nancy, I love your paintings, always. Though I rarely leave a comment... today, I just have to tell you that your writing is almost as impressive as your paintings. It's like receiving a phone call or note from a friend compared to an getting an advertisement.