Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hanging Baskets Cottage Garden and My Back Yard Paradise by Nancy Medina

Hanging Baskets Cottage Garden
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Hanging Baskets Cottage Garden is a scene from Coronado, California, the island just off the coast near San Diego, where flower growers compete each year for the top prizes for their roses, foxglove, gardens and flower displays. While I don't get to visit there as often as I'd like, I am fortunate to have a back yard garden respite right here in Texas, and I've shared a photo from this morning with you here. 

Last weekend in my flower painting class, I asked my students to share something they liked about art. One lady said "Art is my life. It is who I am." Another said, "Art is my therapy." Another student, when trying to explain how important art was to her, began to cry.

Each shared something about their love for color, about how they felt when they painted, and about how important art was to them. Painting is a gift we give ourselves, for many of us living decades as moms, sisters, daughters, friends, in a culture that has trained to say "Yes" to anything that is asked of us. I like to think of painting as a gift we give back to ourselves, and a way to recharge our souls. It can be very hard to carve out time to paint every day when you have a family to raise, elderly parents to care for, or full time jobs. But making that time is so important and one never knows, once you start down that path in earnest, you might just be able to make it a vocation!

A peek at my garden this morning

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Autumn Leaves said...

Your yard is indeed a respite. I always wanted hanging flower baskets. Maybe some day! The painting is a stunner.