Sunday, April 14, 2013

SOLD ~ Stargazing With Stargazers in Flower Mound Studio by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Stargazers and Pear
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Archival Panel

Stargazers were on sale at the grocery store flower market day before yesterday for $2 a bunch. Each bunch had three bundles of stems, and each stem had half a dozen flowers. I'll let you imagine what my house smells like right now! Then I found this very good looking pear. I'm sure the checker at the counter added one more little token to the pile of crazy chips she automatically thinks of when she sees me trundling up her line with flowers instead of groceries. Here I was with flowers, chocolate, and one fat pear. A pear that is looking extremely yummy to me right now, so I had better wash up and leave the studio before the pear faces a sad demise...

The studio model pear rolls over!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Pears and flowers! A wonderful and beautiful combination, Nancy!