Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cup of Sunshine Daisies and What Happens in a Flower Painting Workshop by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Class demonstration
Cup of Sunshine Daisies
by Nancy Medina
Copyright 2013
Oil on Archival Panel

 It was a banner day in the workshop classroom, with paint flying hither and yon, flashbulbs popping, and lots of giggling and visiting. I always love to step back and enjoy the chatter and excitement of a room full of ladies exchanging emails, places they love to visit, pictures of their kids and furbabies, and generally having a ball. Workshops, to me, are a gift you give yourself for all that you give to others. They are a place of peace, a place of healing, a place to rejuvenate and recharge and enjoy color and flowers. 

We give so much of ourselves to our families, friends and jobs, it is good to once in a while give something back to ourselves. My workshops start each day with a large demonstration painting. In the afternoons, we work together step by step on a favorite flower of choice. My students are beginner to advanced, working in oils, water based oils and acrylics, and benefit from a technique that encourages a loose, fresh approach to making bright colors sing. Thank you to the marvelous group of talented artists who spent these past three days with me. I am so grateful to my students for all they share with me, and all they teach me. Not to mention helping me eat all those donuts!

 Cup of Sunshine Daisies with the studio models!

Alice and her striking iris!

 Hoo boy, I need to work on my tan!

Diane and her beautiful hydrangea!

 Focused on those flowers!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

A gorgeous piece and I love how the light limns the vase. Your ladies look like that had a most wonderful time!