Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lacy Ladies Sunflowers and a Surprise Visitor by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Lacy Ladies Sunflowers and Daisies
by Nancy Medina

Rockwall Art League Demonstration
Oil on Archival Panel

Lacy Ladies Sunflower and Daisies was my demonstration yesterday evening for the Rockwall Art League in Rockwall, Texas, a lovely little town on the lake that has grown by leaps and bounds since long ago when I worked for one of the small newspapers in that area! It was tons of fun to return to my old stomping grounds and visit with a group of enthusiastic artists, right next to a park. 

Just before the painting festivities began, guess who ran in the door, wagging his tail and looking all fat and jiggley and happy? Webster the Pug! He and his servant were on the way to his car and decided to stop in and check out the refreshment table. This was definitely a sign that the evening would be grand and lots of fun! Betty Jean Hoaglund did a marvelous job of keeping me on track and on time, and let me paint sunflowers 'til the sun went down. What a perfect way to spend a Wednesday! Thanks so much to everyone who attended, many familiar faces from past workshops and Dallas Arboretum visitors.

The Lacy Lady sunflower models take a bow!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Awww...Webster sounds adorable (though no match for my HowardPPugpants)! Beautiful demonstration piece, Nancy. Is this like another you did recently? And it sure sounds like you've been so very blessed with a great career behind you and I know a fantabulous career ahead of you. You really do inspire me.