Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SOLD ~ Dream Sunflowers and Dallas Arboretum Blooms by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

 Dream a Dream Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Linen Panel

I am still waking up each morning, 2 weeks after quitting my 6-figure corporate job, living a life in between. Between the time when I should have put on my office clothes, braved the Dallas traffic, and spent my day in a glass building and instead am now waking up with snoring pugs curled around me, the sunshine streaming in, and knowing that my day will be filled with art, packing and shipping paintings, ordering paints, cleaning brushes, and moving through a life filled with color. 

I'm walking into the wilds away from the corporate jungle, 
with my eyes wide open, and hoping for the best.
I remember the moment when I was a senior in high school, when my parents asked me what I really wanted to be when I grew up. I told them I wanted to be an artist. We were standing outside, in front of the house, in the driveway, and it was around 5 pm, I could tell from the light and the position of the sun. Sometimes we understand without even knowing it when a pivotal moment occurs in our lives, when some small act, or statement, has significance that will resonate years later, a memory that will survive the detritus of time. I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. And I have finally arrived at the brink of that dream. I do not know if I will survive financially. But I know that I have leaped off the treadmill and chosen a path of freedom. I'm walking into the wilds away from the corporate jungle, with my eyes wide open, and hoping for the best.

 The studio models take a bow!

Here are more photos from my Dallas Arboretum Stroll this week!

 A sweet daffodil with a perfect backdrop!

 Is that black sage in the background?

These daffodils were feeling a bit weary...

A panoply of color! (did I spell panoply right??)

A lovely daffodil


CrimsonLeaves said...

I love the textural sense of clay I get from that lovely blue vase, Nancy. And it sure lets the flowers be the star of the show. I have to admit that I'm with the laying down on the job daffodils. That is how I feel daily. I am so glad you can finally follow your dream. I wish I could do the same. You'll make it; I have no doubt.

martinealison said...

Ma chère Nancy bonjour,

Ta liberté est toute neuve ! Je comprends que devant toi un nouveau monde s'offre à toi. Tu l'as choisi, donc aucun doute... tout sera positif, même si les aléas de la vie te feront peut-être douter parfois.
Profite de ces moments nouveaux pour toi... Dans quelques temps tu verras que tes journées se structureront d'elles-mêmes par rapport à ton art... Un beau rêve qui prend vie ne se refuse pas et tu as bien eu raison ! Ton bonheur me rend heureuse.
Gros bisous

J'en oubliais l'essentiel tout de même ! Ton bouquet est bien évidemment sublime... Tes tournesols sont les soleils qui illumineront ta nouvelle existence.