Thursday, March 14, 2013

SOLD ~ Crescent Moon Red Poppy and Taking Flight in Life by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Crescent Moon Red Poppy
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Archival Panel

Crescent Moon Red Poppy is a new small work on the easel, poppies have been calling to me for over a week now so I had to give this little one some easel time. Tonight there is a perfect crescent moon, tilted just like a smile. Just like the smile I've had all day, my first day as a full-time artist. Yesterday I said goodbye to my office, my office chair, my coworkers, the parking lot, all the regular pieces of my day for the past 12 years as an editorial director. It is a bit scary, having total control of your own destiny. So far I can report with confidence, it feels wonderful!

Crescent Moon on the flight deck

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Ah, Nancy. Your joy just rings through your painting and your words. I hope you take one full day off to do nothing but relax too.