Friday, January 4, 2013

SOLD ~ Unfurled - Red Poppies by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Unfurled - Red Poppies by Nancy Medina

Oil on Museum Quality Linen Panel

Unfurled, Red Poppies, is the newest set of blossoms in Flower Mound Studio today, while a pile of pugs sleep soundly on a pillow nearby, rattling the windows with their snores. I'm delighted to be the featured artist on the Daily Paintworks Blog this week - take a peek at the interview and a chance to win my original oil painting, Blue Monday Lilies!

I'm in an extremely happy mood since I managed to drive by the donut store today and not stop, even though the glazed with extra glaze were banging their little glazed palms on the glass begging to come home with me. Right next door to my favorite donut shop (it's my favorite because THIS shop puts extra glaze on their glazed) is Dog Lofts, a boarding facility and doggy day care that opened a few years ago. 

Thinking what a treat it would be for our Mister Social Howard Pee Pugpants to spend the afternoon playing with some new four footed pals, we dropped him off here once for a playdate. The entire facility is glass walls, so we sat outside to see what happened when we left. Howard sat mournfully leaning his pudgy self against the inner glass door, gazing with great longing at the girls who worked behind the counter, ignoring the dogs who tried to persuade him to play and romp about with them. I'm not quite sure why we thought he would want to play with dogs, since he adores people so much. 

We immediately retrieved him from this miserable situation and promised to never subject him to such torment again. Now when I think he needs a fun day, I drop him off at the vet's office, where he scratches on the door to get in and howls with absolute delight until the entire staff comes running out to greet him. He would rather be there than just about anywhere. With five young female vets fawning over him and about 10 staff members who adore him, it's no wonder.

Howard on is way to the vet!


Joan said...

Congratulations. Awesome Interview Nancy!
Oh how I love your sense of humor! You always put a smile on my face! Have a Beautiful Day!
Joan & 'lil Janie Poo

CrimsonLeaves said...

There is my handsome boy!! We had to rush Annie to the vet last night. She kept pawing at her face and gagging. We couldn't see anything in her mouth but $100 later, the vet pulled a zip tie that was stuck in her teeth and half down her throat (don't know how we managed to miss that). Sigh...

Anyhoodles, the poppies are just glorious and full of sunshine, Nancy!!