Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunflower Simpatico and a Flower Painting Workshop by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Sunflower Simpatico by Nancy Medina

Class Demonstration

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sunflower Simpatico was one of six demonstration paintings this weekend for my 3-day workshop in North Texas. I will have such fond memories of this fun group of ladies, we did do quite a bit of giggling and donut sampling and had a selection of coffees to keep us on our toes. We also managed to cover quite the spectrum of flowers, the sunflowers standing out in particular, since I managed to put a nice fat streak of cadmium yellow in my hair in the middle of class. Using a Clorox wipe to remove the yellow paint was maybe not the best decision, in hindsight. 

Here are just a few photos of the 15 talented gals who joined me to paint roses, poppies, sunflowers, daisies and more! I hope you'll join me for my next workshop in April, and if you happen to be a hairdresser AND an artist, I will be especially eager to welcome you!

Click here for upcoming workshop info!

A field of lovely ladies and quite a few daisies, too!

Annie and her bright sunflower!

Nancy from Maryland won the
"traveled farthest" award!

Sherry and Linda kept me giggling!

Brenda and her gorgeous 
still life!

Sara's putting down some bold strokes!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Using a Clorox wipe is something I would have done. Did it remove the paint? Inquiring minds want to know!! Love this bright sunflower and all the class photos. I also love that still life by your student. It really is gorgeous!

Karen Bruson said...

Sunflower makes me yearn for spring. Looks like a great workshop.