Thursday, January 3, 2013

SOLD ~ Pink Pilate Poppies by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Pink Pilate Poppies by Nancy Medina

Oil on Museum Quality Linen Panel

Pink Pilate Poppies is the newest work in Flower Mound Studio, as Hannah and AnnieBee snore contentedly on their pillows by my feet. They like to stay up late with me every evening when I paint, because one never knows when some exciting food related activity will occur in Flower Mound Studio! Pink Pilates is based on my library of photographs from a visit to Salt Lake City Utah a few yeas ago, when the poppies in the mountains were in full bloom. As the poppies faded and finished their bloom, they turned a crimson tinged pink with Indian red edges. The wrinkled, faded poppies had such unusual colors I wanted to try to capture just a little of that in these blossoms today.
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