Monday, January 28, 2013

French Tulips by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

French Tulips by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

It's been a super busy few days. I'm not quite sure what's in the wind, but the unseasonably warm weather has brought good tidings for Flower Mound studio. Two of my workshops are now full, and new paintings are heading to homes and doctor's offices in South Carolina, Australia, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Maryland. The hubby and I paid a visit to Central Market today *insert sound of harps* to pick up a few things Mom said she's been craving. Pate, fresh bread, a scrumptious bleu cheese log, and the makings for lasagna from scratch filled our cart. But I could not depart the premises without these divine French tulips! I carried them lovingly to the register, worrying that the clerk would set them down on the counter, bruising their lovely petals. Fortunately, I found a sensitive soul ringing up my canned goods. She handled these white blossoms with love and tenderness as she scanned the price tag *gulp* and handed them to me as if they were made of hand blown glass.

Painting them tonight, my French tulips opened so quickly and peaked so rapidly that by tomorrow morning, I will have to bid them adieu. I'll be taking homemade lasagna to the farm in the morning. The hubby made it from scratch for Mom, but I get to be the hero carrying it into her house! *sound of trumpets* Such good things, these small glories, and tomorrow I can hardly wait to see Mom again.

French Tulips on the easel....

The studio models in the limelight!

Homemade Lasagna!!! Yum!!!


CrimsonLeaves said...

The tulips are indeed glorious, Nancy!! The whole piece has a French air to me...maybe because you said the word, maybe the colors and composition speak to me of French rustic beauty. Hope your mom loves her day with you today, and the lasagna!

Nancy Goldman said...

This is beautiful Nancy. The colors are so inviting. I love the bits of blue in your vase contrasting with the yellows and oranges. Stunning!