Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Orange Door and a Story of Angels Among Us by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

The Orange Door
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Panel

The Orange Door is a new small painting in the studio, amidst shipping boxes, new canvases being prepped, and sleeping puggies. This is one of my favorite scenes from Coronado Island, off the coast of San Diego, California, in a sleepy little community that has been unspoiled by urban sprawl and whose residents pride themselves on beautiful cottage gardens. It's a heavenly place to visit, and speaking of which, I heard a story this week that reaffirmed my belief that there are angels among us.

I used to be the volunteer who sent thank you letters to donors for pug rescue here in North Texas, but a lovely lady who is very capable took over that role for us this year, freeing me up to do newsletter work. I was asked, though, to write a very special thank you letter today. The letter was for an elderly woman who lives in the northern US. Her daughter adopted a special needs pug from DFW Pug Rescue about a year ago named Abbie. This little pug was very sick, and not expected to live, but with the care and compassion of her new mom, found the strength to enjoy an entire extra year of life. Abbie passed away a few weeks ago, leaving her new family heartbroken.

Despite the fact that she is on a very fixed income, Abbie's adopted grandmother decided she wanted to give a donation in Abbie's memory, and for all the other pugs who need help. Even when our volunteer suggested she could give a bit less, the woman was insistent that this is what she felt compelled to do. There are other amazing donors and folks who give time, care, years and years of volunteer hours, to rescue pugs, and it is humbling to work side by side with some of these real life heroes. I'm not the one who goes into the puppy mills, walking into scenes so haunting you could never forget them. I'm not the one who helps the whelping breeder pug moms whose bodies are too young or used up to have another litter. I'm not one of the volunteers who bottle feeds the rescue puppies every two hours for weeks for those whose mothers died. I'm not the one who transports pugs from shelters 10 to 13 hours away, in order to get them to safety before their time is up. These are the folks who are giants in my estimation.

The ingredients, the donations, the time given by foster homes and families, for animal rescue may seem small and may seem insignificant, but all of these gifts add up to miracles come true. I hope you can find something you can contribute to your favorite charity or animal rescue, too, especially in this season of Thankfulness. You'd be amazed at the wonderful return on investment for your heart!

Hannah, my sweet rescue baby


Terra said...

Sweet story.

Autumn Leaves said...

So happy to see a photo of Hannah. It has been awhile since I've seen her. She is beautiful, Nancy. As are your words for all involved in the Pug Rescue. I know each of the breeds has rescue organizations in the states and I echo my thanks with your own.

Love the orange door too! I can see why it is a favorite of yours. I wish I could visit Coronado Island.

Darlene Twitchell said...

I love your painting and I love what you do for animals! Truly wonderful!