Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pansy Paparazzi Flower Painting Workshop by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Pansy Paparazzi and Sunflowers
Oil on Linen Panel

Pansy Paparazzi and Sunflowers was my class demo this morning, in Day 2 of my 3-day workshop at the Jaycee Parks Center for the Arts. This afternoon in our class paint-along, the ladies created beautiful blue filigree white China sugar bowls. We sacrificed the one remaining white pansy on the pot of blossoms I brought to class from my back yard garden. But it gave itself for a good cause, to be memorialized in oils for all time! (Can you tell I'm still feeling bad about picking that little pansy off the plant?)

Tomorrow I am very excited, I will be painting white hydrangeas, white roses, and holly berries in my NEW RED VASE the Carlos picked up for me today. *sound of trumpets* If this doesn't kick our paintbrushes into holiday gear, nothing will! Except, of course, for a little eggnog.... Stay tuned for more class pictures, red vases, holiday themed paintings, and workshop fun right here on the Flower Mound bloggy. 

Venetia's lovely pansies!

Rama puts the shine on!

Sweet ladies and their sugar bowls in the park!

Making flowers happen on a chilly November day in North Texas.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Do I see a little clear vase behind that gorgeous little sugar bowl in your painting, Nancy? It is a glorious piece, for sure! The ladies did a spectacular job!