Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daybreak Hydrangeas and White Roses and a Painting Sale by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Daybreak Hydrangeas, Larkspur, and White Roses
by Nancy Medina
Class demo, Fredericksburg, Texas

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

This week is my annual half price sale on my Web Site, strategically scheduled right before the holidays, and the response has been overwhelming!

 Paintings shipped today to Nova Scotia Canada, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, and California. Three more packages will be going out to Georgia tomorrow. Just over 3 years ago, I began painting every day, and if you go back in time on my art blog, you will see the growth that happens when you paint every day. I started painting in watercolor when I lived in Santa Barbara, CA, where I used to trade my paintings for furniture and rent. Since then I have moved exclusively to oils. Following an invitation from Joy Ijams Matthews, Director of Education for the Dallas Arboretum one year ago, I became officially, and for the first time, an art teacher. I never dreamed I would love being a teacher so much, but it has become one of the most rewarding things I do (aside of course from hugging Studio Director AnnieBee...!).

Thank you so much to everyone who follows my work, to everyone who has shared words of encouragement, to my students, and for those who have been with me for years now, every step of the journey. The future looks bright, and full of color!


Autumn Leaves said...

Such a bountiful bouquet, such a gorgeous palette...all work to make a stunning painting, Nancy. I've enjoyed following your blog...I know I've been on at least 3 of your island trips, if not 4. (I'm losing track of time in blog land.)

Jane Bayarena said...

This bouquet just takes my breath away. So beautiful.