Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sing to Me Poppies and a Studio Tour by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Sing to Me Poppies by Nancy Medina

Oil on Linen Board

Sing to Me Poppies is drying on the easel (yet another painting named for a song that is running about in my head today), as the poppy parade continues in Flower Mound Studio. Today I want to share a mini tour of my studio, and you are in such great luck, since Studio Director AnnieBee is in residence. It's not often we are all graced with her solo presence, since she rarely enters or exits a room without her minions at her heels. Today her brothers and her sisters were busy helping Dad hold down the couch during the football game, so AnnieBee had the substantive job of keeping me completely on track and organized. Grab a glass of iced tea and a cookie from the kitchen, and enjoy the tour!

Sing to Me Poppies
on the easel today

 Short on space with lots of paint?
Shoe hangers are da bomb!

Her highness keeps a close eye out in case 
of exciting food related activities.

Yes, you guessed it. I can't get anything
by you, can I?? I straightened up
a bit before taking these photos....!


Anonymous said...

Nice looking studio! Thank you for the idea of using shoe hangers to organize art supplies. And I just love the nice foot warmer you have under your desk… ;o)

Anonymous said...
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Autumn Leaves said...

Oh boy! These poppies look like they are growing next to a river. Beautiful, Nancy!

I absolutely adore those toile curtains and hug windows in your studio!

Unknown said...

Thanks Miguel, Annie appreciates your admiration and adulation! :>

Sherry thanks so much, I got those curtains at.... WalMart! Can you believe it?

Denise Rose said...

Love the studio tour! I will give you a personal tour of my studio this Friday night! See you soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks Denise - I am looking forward to it!

Kathy Cousart said...

Always fun to see where artists create! Love your paintings and your space!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kathy!