Friday, August 3, 2012

White Roses, Larkspur and Kiwi Step by Step and a Texas Flower Painting Workshop by Nancy Medina

White Roses, Larkspur and Kiwi
by Nancy Medina

Class Demo, Irving, Texas

Oil on Linen Board
White Roses, Larkspur and Kiwi was my demo painting for class today in Irving, Texas, at the Jaycee Park Center for the Arts and the first time I ever painted kiwi. I've shared it with you step by step below, and also some photos of my student's paintings. It was one of those classes where I wanted to grab up all the luscious student paintings and run out of the building saying Mine Mine Mine!! 

The kiwi was fun to paint, and I am sure I'll do it again, but I had forgotten to bring a knife so attempted to saw the fruit in half with a pair of blunt scissors, until one of my students whipped out her handy dandy exacto knife and saved the day. Mushy kiwi is not pretty. Trust me on that.

Here are some key kiwi facts we learned today. After reading these insightful observations about kiwi, you will feel like an instant kiwi aficionado and will be able to impress friends at parties with your vast and impressive store of kiwi info.

Saw your kiwi in half with a sharp blade, not a dull pair of scissors or else you get mushy kiwi

Kiwi seeds are kind of dark purpley greenish colored

The light green around the juicy center is kind of stripey looking

The outer color of a kiwi is a color that has no name and takes about 10 minutes to describe

Put a little joy in your brush and
join me for my upcoming workshops
in the Texas Hill Country and 
Memphis-Germantown, Tennessee!

 Step 1 - The Underpainting

Step 2 - Working in the Opaques!

Sarah and her sublime rose!

Yvonne's gorgeous larkspur!

Connie's hydrangea had such subtle, beautiful color!


Autumn Leaves said...

Each piece is indeed gorgeous, Nancy. What a stunning bouquet, the combination of white roses and larkspur. Greenish brown is how I describe the outside of a kiwi.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh my goodness!look what you created!

your students are so lucky to have been there in person to see!

your photos of how it came to life gave me goosebumps!

i now have kiwi on my shopping list this morning!

melissy & r-chee