Friday, August 17, 2012

Step by Step White Hydrangeas and Larkspur by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

White Wave Hydrangeas and Larkspur
by Nancy Medina

Demo Painting
Oil on Linen Board

White Wave Hydrangeas and Larkspur was my demonstration painting today for day 1 of my workshop at the Jaycee Parks Center for the Arts, shown step by step here on the blog. This three day workshop kicked off with a nice Dallas style heat wave, but that didn't dampen the spirits of my lively bunch of students! I had ladies and gents from all sorts of interesting places, including Illinois, Florida, California, Louisiana and (of course) Texas. I packed up the beloved travel Keurig and a variety of coffee flavors and a bunch of fresh double chocolate cookies so we had plenty of caffeine and chocolate to keep us going all day. Here are some photos from today's big events, and tonight - Italian landscape is calling, so I'll be making flowers bloom on a big ole canvas here in the studio. With the pugs' all lending a helping paw, naturally.... Check out the lovely hydrangeas my students created today - they started with white flowers, what a brave AND talented bunch!

Step one - yummy yellows!

Step two - blue larkspur blooming!

Step three - the opaques take shape!

Pat and Lois making hydrangeas bloom!

Nancy - master of many mediums!

We had lots of sunshine to keep us warm today!

Check out these awesome hydrangea painters!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

So much fun and such beautiful paintings!

Autumn Leaves said...

Such a beautiful arrangement in that perfect blue vase. Your students did wonderful work, didn't they?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Beautiful. Love the colors
Benny & Lily